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Our history

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September 28, 1992. The date it all began. Five brothers decided to fulfil their dream of creating a wooden construction company and made their name, the brand: Nogueira Fernandes. They made their first home, a small warehouse, built by them, in Perafita. With a joint application for unemployment benefit, Nogueira Fernandes worked exclusively for the company Consorcil for nine years. However, their dreams grew and they decided to take a risk and conquer the world for themselves.

In 2001, they acquired an infrastructure in the Varziela Industrial Zone, in Vila do Conde, where they remained for seven years. It was in these same facilities that they began to carry out their constructions, striving to create desirable, technically advanced products with great respect for the environment. Time passed and Nogueira Fernandes managed to disassociate itself from the company over which it had exclusivity. It hired more employees, acquired new machines and considerably increased its customer base.


To accompany its growth, the company changed its facilities to receive more equipment and projects. Today, Nogueira Fernandes is in the new premises in the land where it all began: in Perafita.


In addition to a new home, the company of the five brothers has also evolved in its offer. Along with wooden constructions, Nogueira Fernandes entered the world of CLT to be able to give its customers everything they need and dream of.


We hope to earn your trust in the near future


Present and develop competitive solutions through flexible production and excellent service, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

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  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Rigour

  • Quality

  • Experience

  • Commitment

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To assume a position of reference in the market through the recognition of the quality of our products and services and the professionalism of our team.

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