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quality policy

Nogueira Fernandes, SA., has been operating for about 30 years, intending to present and develop competitive solutions adjusted to the needs and expectations of its customers. Therefore, and in line with our Quality Management System, Nogueira Fernandes, SA is committed to:

  • ​Keeping up with market demands concerning the expectations of its customers, identifying new business areas and permanent technological updating, guaranteeing trust, satisfaction, flexibility and competitive standards of quality, prices and deadlines, ensuring full support and monitoring to obtain a high degree of satisfaction;

  • Develop, ensure and improve the functioning of the Quality Management System under NP EN ISO 9001, establishing continuous improvement objectives and periodically monitoring the results obtained, enhancing the effectiveness of the system implemented;

  • Ensure compliance with general safety principles, preventing the occurrence of accidents and occupational diseases, promoting a safe and healthy work environment for its employees;

  • Promote the continuous professional development of employees by providing them with the necessary training, means and responsibilities according to their skills and functions;

  • Ensuring the satisfaction and motivation of its employees;

  • Ensure compliance with the legislation, regulations and requirements in force applicable to its activity;

  • Maintain a good partnership relationship with suppliers so that they assume quality commitments for their products and services;

  • Involve in respect for the principles and commitments assumed by this company, not only all employees but also suppliers and service providers and other interested parties, recognizing their importance as vectors for the success of Nogueira Fernandes, SA.

The management of Nogueira Fernandes, SA. ensures that the Quality Policy is made available to all interested parties and communicated, understood and applied by all employees, who actively contribute to its implementation.

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