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Nogueira Fernandes supports Pedro Hispano Hospital in the fight against Covid-19

The order was urgent, and time was short. Nogueira Fernandes had just two weeks to launch the new wing for intensive care, at Pedro Hispano Hospital, in Matosinhos. We responded promptly to the request because it was time for all of us to wear the hero's cape and, together, try to save the world.

We dressed our cape - in green, the colour of hope - and helped in the best way we knew how: building. Properly protected and at a faster pace, we built what will be a place - with more than 400 m2 - of help and protection for many patients, as well as safety for many health professionals.

We knew the world was sick. But while we were creating the base and erecting the walls that would protect those who fight the virus, there was a small sheet of paper with a rainbow drawn, in a window of the Hospital, right in front of our structure. A sign that we are all on the right path.

We saw reality up close. Reality not only of those who work every day to fight the disease but of those who live it. It's hard and sad. It is up to us to do our part. That's why Nogueira Fernandes couldn't help but make an appeal that has been made so much: if you can, stay home. For you, for your loved ones and for others. Because in the end we only want one thing: everything to be okay.


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